Andrew chimes in on "That whole shutdown debate". In fact, I have the opposite use case: when I close the lid of my laptop, I generally don't want it to go to sleep. For starters, it takes way too long for my laptop to wake back up. My working place is often the living room, where I'm surrounded by 3 toddlers. When I get up to get a pacifier, it is not an option to keep the laptop open on the coffee table -- imagine toddles who start to hit a keyboard whenever they see one. So I close the lid. But I don't want to wait longer for my (windows) laptop to wake back up than I have time spent getting the pacifier. Second, my laptop gets backed up at night. So I just leave the thing running. A lit screen is unnecessary at that time, so I close the lid. And it can't go to sleep, because the "scheduled task" will not run then. So. Can you come up with even more scenarios to have all those options available? ;-)

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