Smart developers

March 7th, 2007

Brian is ranting about people who think they are smarter than others. In my experience, there are no dumb developers. Developers differ in their ways of doing things, or their goals, or their priorities, but to assume that somebody is dumb just because she does something different than you is not correct. It's a great way to stroke your ego, though.

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  1. There are no dumb developers? « Brain Freeze Says:
    [...] There are no dumb developers? Just finished reading entry #3 on the Hot Entries page titled “Smart Developers”. What made me want to write about this particular article was the statement: In my experience, there are no dumb developers. [...]
  2. Ricky Clarkson Says:
    There are, however, developers who choose to do something in a bad way for no good reason. Like you say, though, it's a matter of priorities. Is it not arguable that to choose a dumb set of priorities is dumb?
  3. Kerry Says:
    No dumb developers huh - you haven't met mine then. Isn't it a bit dumb for all developers to do their own thing when written documentation exists? How do you automate such an environment? Then that raises the question about dumb management.

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