Bike rage

May 16th, 2008

Those who know me, know that I’m quite a supporter of cycling. And that I try to get car-users to understand cyclists when they’re mad about something. Even yesterday I had a discussion about this.

Apparently, the car-user vs. cyclist conflict isn’t limited to Belgium: it is also known in San Francisco. Cyclists around the world, unite! ;-)

There’s only one message to car-users: try using a bike yourself for a few days. Really. During rush hour on a working day. It’s the only way to understand a cyclist’s reaction. Oh: and try to survive the experiment.

3 Responses to “Bike rage”

  1. Koen Van der Auwera Says:
    Met de fiets rijden is het gevaarlijkste wat ge kunt doen op den openbare weg IMO. :)
  2. Paul Cobbaut Says:
    You are right! But it works in both directions. The only way to understand both is to "be" both in traffic. (speaking of experience here) cheers, paul
  3. futtta Says:
    Hier in Brussel bergaf de Rogierlaan naar het Noord-station, slalommend tussen de auto's, ... kicken! Maar soms een beetje gevaarlijk ook. Zou ik me dan toch maar terug een helm aanschaffen?

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