Struts (part II)

January 31st, 2005

Just after my wave of nostalgia, I find: "Struts gets mothballed". Everybody goes forward!

Via Erik.

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January 29th, 2005

Struts bashing

January 27th, 2005


It still amazes me how condemning people are on struts nowadays though, when it was the first framework that at least did an effort to ease the way for web application development. I've just programmed a *servlet*, and I wouldn't go back programming forms with that.

I think this makes me understand better how people are still going wild about the Beatles -- they seem to think the Beatles are ultra-revolutionary, but to me, they are old stuff. But I guess they were indeed revolutionary in their days. It's the same for struts: for me, struts was an astonishing step forward in web development, but for others, it seems to be something antique. They have never known the era before struts, or they just forgot.

Boy, am I getting old.

Via Howard.

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January 21st, 2005

Work vs. family

January 20th, 2005

I totally recognize myself in this article: Men's New Attitudes About Work. The balance between the two gave me quite some gray hairs already. If anybody has the final answer -- feel free to mail me.

E-mail obfuscating

January 20th, 2005

Thanks, Tim. Via stevenn.

Laugh of the day

January 20th, 2005

I bookmarked this a long time ago, but only now I ended up watching it: communication skills - zefrank. Made me actually laugh, not just smile.

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January 20th, 2005

  • Barcode JavaBeans Component
    (categories: java)
  • The JDesktop Integration Components (JDIC) project aims to make Java™ technology-based applications ("Java applications") first-class citizens of current desktop platforms without sacrificing platform independence.
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ITConversations and the like

January 19th, 2005

Since I read Russell Beattie's article "PodCommuter", where he describes listening to interviews with IT techies during his commute, I've been listening to some IT conversations myself during the commute. I don't own anything like a MuVo, but I do have an MP3 player in my car stereo (one that reads MP3's from a silvery disc - it's nineteen ninety nine all over again!), one (1) CD/RW disc, and a CD/RW writer, and it works just as well. I haven't figured out yet how much time can be on that disc, but it's human voice only, so that should exceed the typical 10 hours of music by far (I think one hour of talk is about 30 MB).

And I'm hooked to it. Instead of listening to the latest traffic jams and the newest house hit in the morning, I'm now listening to, let's say, an interview with Johanna Rothman, or a presentation of Kent Beck. All these ideas that you never have time to grok, now presented to you during the time you lose every day. It almost makes me wonder if I should extend my commute (it's now a mere 10 minutes).

It also makes me hope that the Javapolis presentations will be made available in MP3 format, too (hint, hint).

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January 19th, 2005

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January 18th, 2005

Muziek (Dutch)

January 17th, 2005

Na Vincent wil nu ook Marc weten naar wat voor muziek ik luister. 'k Zal me er dus maar eens aan zetten.

Wat is de totale grootte aan muziekbestanden op je computer ?
11,05 GB
Wat is je laatst gekochte cd?
C-hoe? Geen idee. Sinds een doorsnee cd meer dan 800fr kost, ben ik ermee opgehouden.
Wat is letterlijk het laatst geluisterde nr voor je dit bericht las?
Self Control, Channel Zero, Channel Zero live
Geef 4 nrs door die je heel vaak luistert of die veel voor je betekenen.
Vreemd genoeg zijn de nummers die het meest betekenen voor mij, het minst representatief voor mijn muzikale smaak:
  • Creep, Radiohead
  • I alone, Live
Aan welke 3 (4 of 5 is te zot) personen geef jij het stokje door en waarom?
Laat ons eens een paar sukkelaars nemen die blijkbaar niet tot de "Vlaamse blogsfeer" behoren:

Bon, op naar de volgende meme.

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January 15th, 2005

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January 14th, 2005

Java Tip #6

January 12th, 2005

FutureTask: Java Tip #5 - Avoid 64KB method limit on JSP gives me inspiration for Java Tip #6:

Avoid JSP

There are enough alternatives.

No idea why I felt the need to write this down.

Credits to Erik

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January 12th, 2005

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January 8th, 2005


January 7th, 2005

I am nerdier than 64% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Thanks, Vincent.

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January 7th, 2005

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January 5th, 2005

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