December 30th, 2005

Het mag onderhand wel officieel gemaakt worden, denk ik:
if (new YearMonthDay().isNear(new YearMonthDay(2005,07,04)) { nrOfChildren++; }
Ik ben oprecht nieuwsgierig of de Eerste (of was het toch de Tweede) Wet van Noels deze keer ook zijn werk gaat doen.


December 27th, 2005

Rik en koebus. 't Zal toch niet met elkaar te maken hebben? Ik verwacht Peter ook nog half en half... Dan zal het echt feest zijn.


December 20th, 2005

On special request: my very own personal wrap-up of Javapolis 2005!

Browsing the Interweb to see what's happening over in Antwerp. Amazed to not find much. Concluded that either half of Antwerp had a power blackout, or that Java geeks are not geeky enough to do that real-time blog thingy. (It turned out that there were problems with the local WiFi hotspot). Went to bed with a splitting head-ache.
Woke up with a splitting head-ache. Spent the day in a room with about 20 other men, including Koen. Called for medical assistance (which was delivered as Nurofen tablets). Noticed weird smells near the end of the day, including own brain melting. Time has never advanced so fast. Probably has something to do with fun.
Finally! The first real Javapolis day! Still headache though. Stephan started a keynote, followed by some important people at Sun who flung t-shirts into the masses.Then a Bea guy started a talk too. I received a phone call: "could you please come to the RAD race jury". Thanks to some manufactured serendipity, I was sitting in the front row. On the opposite site of the exit. Koen and I had to both stand up, dash between one speaker ("Sorry!") and 2000 attendees, and make our way through people sitting on stairs. Luckily, Stephan was so kind to point out that we were going to the jury. 2000 people were a bit less annoyed.
Neal Gafter and Joshua Bloch gave another sequence of "Java puzzles". Very amusing. Too bad that they wanted to go over their time slot so badly.
I stayed put for "EJB3", not expecting to find out much news since last year. Halfway the presentation, I got another telephone call: "are you aware that your son is still at school? Wasn't he ought to be picked up by now?" Light feeling of panic. Fleed conference room once again. 20 minutes of phone calls later ("Damn! Why didn't I charge my batteries last night!"), everything was arranged for.
During lunch, I had to go to the men's room pretty badly. Went there. Saw the line. Huge. Turned around.
Started the afternoon with "Service Data Objects". Was a bit confused: was this guy trying to give an introductory overview, or a technical presentation on how to configure Service Data Objects? There seemed to be some nice ideas somewhere, but I lacked a bit of context (I don't think I encountered the term before entering the conference room).
Entered "Pragmatic SOA". This looked like a very nice presentation. Nothing too new (technically), put pinpointing pretty precisely the clash one can experience when discussing stuff like this with business people. About halfway, my blatter reminded me of the stupid decision I made earlier. Another dash to the exit.
After the relief, I decided to stumble into another room. I picked "continuous integration, continuous agitation", which rehashed a bit all principles of continuous integration, and gave a view on some tools that added value on that by providing graphs of the results.
Then Johan Lybaert shared his experience with agile development in a team of 60+ people. This was one of the nicest surprises here: well told, interesting experience. It feels that this is what a "conference" should be about: exchanging experience and learning from each other. Or what a "User Group" is about, for that matter.
Last session of the day was "Shale: the next struts?" I sighed a sigh of relief when the speaker said "shale has nothing to do with struts - it's just a brand name". And then he continued to describe all source and configuration files one has to write to enable an application. The same discomforting feeling that accompanies struts came upon me. Man, brands can be strong.
A very nice evening followed. I was happy I came by bike.
Headache a bit less splitting. Keynote about the RAD race. Got into the spotlights! And man, those nanos were close.
Then, over to the more serious stuff. Rod Johnson declaring that "Spring 2.0 is going to be even easier", and bragging about how they got Adrian Colyer to join Interface21. It looks like it will be interesting, indeed.
Romain Guy presented his blasting-away Swing demos. The only remark one can make here is that he should give the crowd some time to go "woowwwww".
Then again a shared session: JGoodies, which compared GUIs with whiteboards, and "Bitter JavaServer Faces", which seemed a warning about some design flaws is JSF, if anything.
A couple of sessions had already mentioned GlassFish, the reference implementation for J2EE 5. I hope the project is more interesting than the demonstration (Is anybody interested in seeing "ant build" report "Build succeeded"? I mean, on someone else's screen?)
Maven is a project I have a love-hate relationship with. I love to try it out, but I hate the way it forces me to do things its way. But I was getting pretty excited to give it another go, until the unfamous "If you remember only one thing..." slide appeared: "Maven 2.0 is ready. But expect bugs in it." Eh? I think those guys need to rethink their communication, or the timing of their announcements. For years we told people "OS beta is as good as commercial 1.0", and now we're saying "OS 2.0 is shaky at best"?
Then I entered the "Telnet" session (pun intended), only to receive a text message "feeling terribly sick, kids are doing awful things, please come home" 5 minutes later. So I did as any new man would do. King Kong will have to take a rain check.

During and between all that technical stuff, I had the chance to catch up with many people I like to catch up with. Most of them I see only once a year, but it's nice to see them nevertheless. Also saw people that I wanted to catch up with, but didn't get a chance to approach. Javapolis is really starting to get a crowd control problem. But drinks and food were better than last year, and a venue in the center of Flanders is a splendid location. Especially if you live there.

... has just leaked at JavaLobby! Not convinced? Recognize this guy?

Probably only the Flemish (and some Dutch?) people will recognize him - but nevertheless...

JavaPolis RAD Race

December 5th, 2005

The world moves in mysterious ways. A few months ago, some Javapolis member asked me "we're planning on organising a RAD race during Javapolis, would you participate in such an event?" I said "hell no, I've grown too old for that kind of games." But the RAD race was organized anyway. And my dear collegue can be very convincing. So now I'm trapped. Or how contact with youth keeps you young...

If you want to challenge us: there are still (again?) 2 slots open. Non-participants are not allowed to mock.


December 5th, 2005

Als je dit leest, is de kans groot dat de namen "Hinsen" en "Cobben" u iets zeggen. Lees daarom dit ook eens. Tot dan?

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